Sunday, April 09, 2006

Robbie. That bastard.

Hmm, who would've though writing a novel was tough? Ha.

It is. I think my last update was at 7,500 words. Lately I've been trying to crank it out. Ever ripped off a band-aid quickly to avoid the self-doubt and pain? Then you are familiar with my style of output. At the end of March I was at 19,400 words, but thanks to relentless self-motivation and self-ass-kickery, I've managed to boost that to 47,500 in five of the first days here in April! That's a 5,600 words per day average. Not bad. I've lowered my head and attempting to plow ahead to the end. I have no idea how long it will turn out, but the "average" novel length is 100,000 words these days, according to these writing books I have. That copy of "Catcher in the Rye" that's pure white with the rainbow stripe in one corner is somewhere between 57 and 60,000 words long, for comparison. The average low-grade paper paperback (with the pages that fade as the years pass) of about 450 pages long is about 120,000 pages. And your average "tome" thriller (think the fatter Tom Clancy books, or something like "Blood Memory" by Greg Iles) is about 185-200,000 words long. I need visualizations, and these are the ones I use so I can visualize Robbie on the shelves and what he'll approximately look like when I finally arrive at a "complete" word count.

BO - RING! This is what writers think about. Ha! Wait a minute. I'm not a writer yet. I need to get a book published. Heh.

That's enough for now.


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