Saturday, September 08, 2007

Robbie Singh has become a man

Hi, all -

Ha, ha. I can type that salutation with at least a chuckle, since I believe my readership has grown to... zero. Bah, other bloggers don't let that small fact discourage them. Why should I?

Robbie's story has been told -- and told again -- since I finished the first draft on May 29, 2006. In the next five days I will finish the "official" 3rd draft (actually the 4th, but who's counting except me?) and will start another. I love the story, and the characters are, to me, so real and distinctive that I actually have found that I dream about them quite frequently. I never imagined that completing... and "perfecting"... a novel would be so incredibly time-consuming.

I want it all to be perfect. Perfect! Alas... it never shall be. But it must feel that way before I send it out to agents. I did a preliminary "testing of the waters" at my wife's goad-- er, I mean, encouragement, and found that the one "test" agent I solicited wanted a partial. (That's slang in the biz which I'm not yet a part of for an excerpt of your work.) That in itself is pretty darn encouraging, but when I sent said partial, it was rapidly rejected. I want to believe the guy when he says it's "obvious I'm a talented writer," but the voices in my head, in addition to telling me to kidnap, torture, and murder goats, tell me: "He's just being polite."

By the way, that goat part was a joke.


It's been a long time since I printed out a hard copy of the novel and read it that I don't really know what's been happening to him. Just tonight I ran into this quote: "I'm a better starter than finisher." Who...? What...? Robbie said that? When? Do I know the author of this?

Clearly the time spans involved here require that I re-familiarize myself with my own material.

I'll check in again. Thank you to anyone who reads this. Hang with me; I'm tryin' to be famous here! Sheez...



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